Kareri Lake Trek

Kareri lake

Technical details

  • Starting point : Kareri village, Himachal Pradesh, India
  • Elevation gain : 1231 m
  • Peak altitude : 2945 m
  • Length : 9.2 km
  • Time to complete : 8 hours or 2 days
  • Difficulty : moderate
  • Best period : May – June or September – October
Trek route
Elevation profile

Trek description

The trek from Kareri village to Kareri lake follows a spectacular route through the Dhauladhar mountain range, near Dharamshala.

Follow the steps

This trek is not so well-known in comparison to other trails in the area such as Triund, but it deserves more recognition for its stunning landscapes. It will take you through lush forests, charming meadows, and gorgeous rivers. The Kareri lake itself is not so spectacular as its low water level makes it prone to proliferating seaweeds, giving it a murky look. Nonetheless, the whole trail is simply stunning.

Walking besides the Leond Nal river

This moderate trek can be completed in the same day if you start your hike early enough. The elevation gain is quite important (1231 m) over a relatively short distance (9.2 km), which means that the trail is steep and it can be tough on the joints. However, there are plenty of café at the top renting tents, sleeping bags, and mattresses (around 800 ruppees for a 4 people tent) if you want to stay overnight and split the hike into two. Also, Kareri lake is a starting point for many other treks, such as Minkiani pass and the Seven Lakes trek (Lam Dal, Nag Dal, Kalikund lake, Chanderkup lake, Nag Chhatri lake). You can even come back to Dharamkot through Indrahar pass (but be prepared for a long multi-days trek for that one…)

This doggie followed me all the way up and down!

Route description

Getting stuck in a hail storm…

Make sure you pack some snacks and water in Kareri village as everything on the trek is more expensive. You can refill your water bottle at multiple points where a pipe brings water from the top. Do it at your own risk.

Stunned by the trees

From Kareri village, you have the option to take a taxi to the bridge over the Leond Nal river, just before the village of Nauli. Alternatively, you can walk towards Harnaala and reach the same bridge. Or you can walk on the road for about 3 kilometers, which is actually quite pleasant.

A temple to Shiva

Then you start your climb up through a lush forest area, following the river. After some steep climb up, you reach Jammu Goth where you can rest at a café. Note that there’s a shorter way to get to Jammu Goth but the trail is not so well maintained and it’s easy to get lost without a guide, so I’d advice against it and choose the longer trail instead.

Reaching for the clouds

Continue your way up, passing a few Shiva temples, bridges, and cafés until the valley opens up and you finally reach Kareri lake. Congratulations !

Kareri lake, finally

From here, you have a few options : rent a tent and spend the night, carry on to Minkiani pass and Lam Dal, or make your way back down to Kareri village.

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